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Please first contact your health care provider or the local Department of Health if you are at risk for coronavirus (COVID-19). Risk factors that may indicate COVID-19 include fever, cough, or flu-like signs, AND either recent international travel OR contact with someone recently diagnosed with COVID-19. Health care officials will direct you to the appropriate place for care. In order to avoid the spread of COVID-19, you should avoid the emergency room at your local hospital except in cases of an emergency.

Stroke Victims Have a Need for Speed

A stroke occurs when the blood vessel that carries oxygen and nutrients to the brain is either blocked or bursts. When that happens, the region of the brain deprived of oxygen or nutrients doesn’t work properly.

Risk Factors

Risk factors include being over 55, being male, having a family history of stroke, being African American or having previously had a stroke. Other factors include smoking, having high blood pressure and other heart-related diseases.

Tests & Treatment

There are many tests that can be done to diagnose stroke, and treatment includes clot-busting medications. However, people who suspect they are having a stroke need to obtain medical attention with three hours for this medication to be effective.

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